Title: GS XI Apt Community Guide

Usage:Community Guide

Client : GS XI

Design:Joongho Choi / Joongho Choi studio

Project Leader:Song Aram, Jaeyoung Kim
Project Member : Dohoon Lee, Eunchan Kim
Completion:12, 2020

This project is to set a community facility’s design guideline for GS Xi Apartment, one of the major apartment brands in Korea, considering only the users, not from a brand perspective. 
Excluding the exterior of apartment buildings, the community facility includes; the main gate, the entrance of apartment buildings, kindergarten, senior house, community garden, and sunken which leads to the underground community center. Our goal was to find the problems of each space and to suggest solutions and design directions through user scenarios.

"The Main Gate"

The main gate act as a new symbol of Xi-Apartment, bringing out the new identity. 
The gate is designed to be an entrance building that holds commercial shops, a security office, and a mom's station. 
We believe the notion of access is not only a passage or a connection but a communal area. 
The canopy slabs for each space are creating layers, as well as connecting every different function with a gate.

"Apartment Building Entrance"

The stairs and ramps are usually located in the piloti area (the entrance for apartment buildings) which we brought out to the outside in front of the façade- blurring boundaries of inside and outside. The wide steps of stairs, benches, and plant boxes are to create a small entrance garden, making the space more inviting and welcoming. 
This new type of apartment entrance is not only functions as an access way but a vibrant space for residents.

"Elysian Garden"

The elysian garden is a big community garden for residents, formed with a variety of elements- lots of different types of plants, flowers, pavilion, installation, canopy, outdoor furniture, and more. 
The adequate density of these elements was applied, to make spaces of different levels of privacy – private space to public space. 
We tried to create a natural connection between each different element and space and to avoid isolation. 
The residents can temporarily escape from the city and rest under the trees and sunlight listening sound of the pond and winds.


The kindergarten within the community facility is designed with a sense of playfulness and care for children to enjoy 
commuting by applying racing track patterns on the road along with a kick scooter rack. 
The interactive revolving panels on the façade excites children in the midst of stagnant buildings around. 
The object on the roof stimulates children’s imagination and creativity while the graphic patterns are applied 
on the top surface of the roof to consider the view of a perspective of high floor residents.  

"Senior House"

The key consideration of this senior house was blurring boundary and having intimate openness. 
Grouping material of streets, entry area and staircases to the roof allow the continuous experience and natural flow. 
The façade with an open kitchen creates welcoming and inclusive while the spacious community garden at the backyard 
and its connection to indoor spaces also reduce a feeling of territorial division.


The staircase is designed to be the natural pathway that connects the ground and underground of community facilities, by applying landscape elements and nature at the start and endpoint of stairs. The boundary-less experience happens again along with interlinking landscape and terrace in between the courtyard and indoor community space.

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