Title: Information

Usage:Bakery Cafe

Client : Yoosung C&F

Design:Joongho Choi / Joongho Choi studio
Project Member : Junho Shin, Euijeong Ma
Collaboration : Style Jieum ( Gardening ), Rareraw ( Furniture ), Limas ( Lighting ), Table Top Project (Table), Loam Archive (Ceramic)

Location:26, Gosanja -ro 14gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Construction: B2
Photography : Sangpil Lee
Completion:01, 2021


This project is to design a cafe on the ground floor and an office on the basement floor of YouSung C&F’s head office.
The building locates in the business district, the central area of Yeoksam, Seoul. The bakery cafe targets office workers around the site.
Our focus was to provide a space where they can have a relaxed time in their busy working life.

Space consists of two main elements; natural elements such as unfinished concrete and plant mounds to create roughness and functional elements in very geometrical forms.

The location and direction of this lighting, above the bread display, are adjustable.
This specially designed lighting gives strong characteristics to space. 

Landscape Design by Style Jieum
These small plant mounds are creating a natural mood while space is finished with rough and raw materials.


The base of this space is finished with low-saturation colors whereas the objects and furniture are colorful which was to create a strong contrast.
Aligned sofas are creating continuity avoiding division of spaces.

Rather than finishing walls with materials, the walls are given functionality by installing wall panels and wall shelves.

Graphic design by Hardcover museum

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