Title : Xiscape Outdoor Furniture
Category : Chair
Client : GS XI
Design : Joongho Choi Studio
Project Leader : Jaeyoung Kim, Paul Kheem
Project Team : Amy Song, Hyeyoung Lee
Cooperator : Rareraw
Photography & Film : Sangpil Lee
Completion : 2021



Our long-time collaborator, GS E&C corporation, reached Joongho Choi Studio with the desire to create a cohesive furniture series that adheres to the studio's new design guide for GS Xi.
The result is Xiscape Outdoor Furniture, a new communal seating collection that dresses up and transforms a familiar outdoor inspiration into a warm and simple gathering spot.
With limited resources, Xiscape allows people to create diverse settings and gather as a small or large group in various locations throughout the apartment complex.
Its design allows people to feel at ease while they are in the communal space.

Providing 30,000 units yearly, GS Xi is an apartment brand that represents modern living in South Korea.
Xiscape is a new design guide for GS Xi that aims to improve the living experience in GS Xi. X
iscape Pergola was designed with the goal to bring the community together and support the lifestyle of the residents.

The GS Xi-Scape collection is a configurable, open-ended system constructed with interconnecting steel frame.
A variety of adjustable outdoor settings are possible with a range of chairs, benches, sofas, and pergolas.
The GS Xiscape series is designed to increase the adaptability and flexibility of outdoor spaces.
A chair system, ganging tables, shelving walls, and outdoor sofa enable the creation of a number of interchangeable outdoor settings.
Xiscape enables residents to design outdoor spaces that are adaptable to change. It is simple to scale up or down outdoor settings.
Spaces can be divided or opened up as needed due to their location and use. 

To encourage efficiency in the production process and to extend the product's lifespan, it employs a modular design concept.
It can be disassembled to its recyclable mono-material state to be reused or upgraded to meet the requirements of new outdoor scenarios.
The Xiscape Seating is constructed with a metal frame to which the seats and bases are attached.
Everything from a dining chair to a sofa can be built on the frame to fit a variety of outdoor settings.
The frame allows for the seats to be made of maple trees, metal or outdoor fabric.

The entire seating collection is built with a steel link that connects the seat and base.
The modular framework may be used to build anything from a dining chair to a sofa to match a variety of outdoor environment.
Xiscape consists of seating, tables, and storage for zoning outdoor spaces for various types of activities. 

Xiscape Outdoor Dining Chair 

Xiscape Outdoor Lounge Chair 

Xiscape Outdoor Bench 

Xiscape Outdoor Sofa 

Xiscape Outdoor Furniture installed in GS Xi Community space 

Making Film by Sangpil Lee

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