AIRY / 2018

Project / Airy Hair Drier
Client / Lotte Hi-Mart
Completion of Project / 2018


The brand 'HIMADE' of Lotte Hi-Mart collaborated with Joongho Choi studio to launch AIRY hair dryer.
This product adopts a Sirocco fan with less noise even in strong winds. It features a storage and portability by applying a structure that rarely folds the steering wheel among the Sirocco type.
Hair dryer products have more time not to be used than when they are used, so we have been considering about designs that can harmonize in space such as bathrooms and dressing rooms.
We designed colour and surface finish which are not contrasted with each other, and used a soft and simple line. On the inlet side,
we used a pattern that can show intuitively the flow of air, expressing the beauty and space harmony as a beauty product.


Design Team - Joongho Choi, Hyunsoo Choi, Junho Shin

airy sketch.jpg


“Airy” unified the shape of the cord nozzle and the ejection nozzle considering the shape when it is folded.
The narrowing of the cord nozzle is a factor that hides the complex code connection and at the same time it increases the completeness of the aesthetic form.





It can reduce the volume of the storage space by applying the twist structure on the handle
and is designed to maintain a complete unified-body shape when folded and unfolded.



Detail view.