AQUI / 2017

Project / Cafe Interior
Client / Aqui
Completion of Project / 2017


Design Team / Joongho Choi, Dasom Oh, Junyoung Kim  


JOONGHO CHOI STUDIO designed the space design project of a café called AQUI located in Shin-dong, Suwon, Korea.
Our goal in this space design project was to give novelty into the space in the context of architectural design.
As it is critical to reveal the symbolism of the building in this project, we focused on bringing novelty out to the natural materials
and the expressions of the design finishing, including the bricks used in the construction.
The materials used in the exterior brick are used intact, making the boundary between the outside and inside blurred.
The materials used in the exterior bricks are used with intactness, making the boundaries between the outside and inside vague.
GIESEL chairs designed by JOONGHO CHOI STUDIO were used for the interior space design.
VENETA, the layered chandelier that is made of colored acrylic specially designed for this space, gives the interior space freshness and special vibe.
This is the effect of contrasting our exquisite design work with rough and natural materials for the space design project.




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