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Project / American French Restaurant
Client / LVI ( Bover)
Completion of Project / 2014
Design Collaboration / Sunghyun Park ( Flux and Company )
Construction / Jason, Doyun Koo


Bover Lounge is one of the special places that appreciate the views through changing seasons at Namsan, one of the symbol of Seoul
Bover Lounge introduces the space which can enjoy new American style food and beverage and living products created under the concept of Bover. 
The space created by the collaborated work of Flux & Company and designer Joongho Choi connects its atmosphere with the lobby of the State Tower to provide more active but more aesthetic at the same time.


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Bover Lounge consists of 276mxm wide, 7m high ceilings, warm fabrics and the harmony of gold and grey to emphasize comfortable and sensitive but strong woman nature.
The Lounge can be divided into three different places. The place where you can feel space and culture, where you can relax and rest and where you can enjoy the contents are those. 
This is to aim to give more accessibility to the lounge regardless of the characteristic of the visit and to always give new look and atmosphere to come-back guests.



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The core concept of space design can be found at 7m high ceiling consists of simple moldings and sharp gold steels. 
The ceiling maintains the advantage of height of the lobby and emphasizes fanciness and delicacy through large chandelier and marbled bar table.



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Also, Bover Lounge introduces the lounge’s exclusive furniture and lightings. 
Bover Living products are created and produced by Bover Lounge and the balance and the finish of the space are completed by the unique and detaileddesigns of Joongho Choi. 



bover lounge 10.jpg

Alako / Chair



bover lounge 11.jpg

Victor / Sofa



bover lounge 12.jpg

Penny / Chair



bover lounge 13.jpg

Gwen / Lighting



Bover Lounge 13.jpg


Bover lounge is accessible from the State Tower lobby directly. 
However, the partitions are opened to provide the visual connectivity and the whole size of the space and to maximize the advantage of the space by ground placement.



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Evening time



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The biggest challenge that we faced while we were designing Bover Lounge's space was the materials and the coloring process of 7m high wall into grey color that we loved. 
After the color of the wall was changed more than ten times, we could finally have found the right grey color for the space.



work in progress 01.jpg


scale mock-up



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1F State Tower, 6-11, Hoehyeon-dong 2ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea