Title : Cuckoo Rice Cooker "Twin Pressure"
Category :Rice Cooker
Client : Cuckoo
Design : Joongho Choi Studio
Project Leader : Hyunsoo Choi
Project Team : Junho Shin, Jung Kim
Manufacturer : Cuckoo
Photography : Sangpil Lee
Completion : 2020

A Chair with rolling and running feature. 

The RC, an abbreviation for rolly chair (which can be easily seen around in ordinary office environments) or a racing chair, refers to a caster featured, mobilized chair.
Taking advantage of the mobility, this chair would give users the opportunity to utilize the usage in various places including but not limited to public spaces, school, library, office and residential spaces.  

Another key point of this chair is in the fabrication methodology, where the products are assembled with ready-made materials.
We came up with the solution to avoid a mass production, and thus to finish the metals in an efficient way which we ended up with using ready-made industrial materials such as metal plates, casters and steel square tube.
In this way, as each part of a chair can be dissembled and assembled by bolts, the colors of every single parts can be altered during the manufacturing process.

Due to these features, the RC can be very decorative product and there are many customization opportunities by adding up accessories or ornaments.
For instance, adding strap tags by attaching belt loop to the cushion, or inserting flag banner to the steel square tube could be a great example.

Cuckoo Twin Pressure TV CF (30'B)

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