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Project / Showroom and Cafe
Client / Dthrone
Completion of Project / 2016
Indoor Gardening : Style Jieum ( Jisun Park, Soojung Shin )
Construction : Wycoff
Photogrphy by Doyoun Koo ( Wycoff )


Design Team / Joongho Choi, Taeno Yoon


DTHRONE Showroom & Café, located in Seokchon Lake, Jamsil, Seoul, KOREA, has been introduced by the project with Joongho Choi Studio,
from the DTHRONE 3rd generation mobile design to its gallery space. 7m tall and 30cm wide glass windowed wall is set on the lake side to bring natural atmosphere to the space. 
The interior was designed from the consideration of the dynamic changes through seasonal lightings and views to mix with classic and modern taste of DTHRONE.

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The concept of space design aims to bring exterior atmosphere to the interior and to create continuous experience to beautiful lakeside scenery.
Concrete floor in the showroom provides unity with driveway around the lake tall trees and plants has been brought to the interior with adjusted size ratio.
Materials such as black marbles, gold plated metals and leathers creates contrast in the interior and represents classic and modern tastes of DTHRONE.



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KOVY series furniture with leather and rough finished metal, designed by Joongho Choi Studio, are placed in DTHRONE café.



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The 2nd floor of DTHRONE café creates separated space for guests to enjoy top-down view and coffee with desserts.
Different from the 1st floor, this space has comparative low ceiling and it gives mental comfort by placing low height sofas and furniture.



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KOVY’s outdoor series are set for the terrace and the sliding door
creates continuous atmosphere from exterior to interior.