Project / Kids Furniture
Produced by Joongho Choi
Completion of Project / 2013


The elephant chair and table were designed for children. 
The design is symbolic, emphasising particular features e.g ears and trunk. 
When sitting in the chair the child has the illusion of riding the elephant(or gets the feeling of riding the elephant) 
The extended trunk design allows to uphlod chair cuson. 
The chair and table were designed not just for comfort but also act as additional decorative interior design features.





I have a small elephant in my house that has a big ears and a broad back. 
Its big ears keep me warm when I fall asleep and its broad back supports me when I am reading or painting with my parents. 
The trunk look shorter because of its big ears and broad back. But I love it because my nose and its trunk can touch each other.





The holes in the ears have been designed to be used as grips when the elephant moves.





The extended trunk design allows to uphold chair cushion.