Title: Episode

Design:Joongho Choi / Joongho Choi studio

Project team:Taeno Yoon, Dayoon Kim 

Location:341, Ttukseom-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Usage:Co-Living House 

Construction: Ga-an ( Community Space ) Wycoff ( Room )


8F TYPE A - Design Plan

Exposed Vanity

Closet System

8F TYPE B - Design Plan

Wall Panel System

10F TYPE A - Design Plan

Duplex Structure

To allow better city life and residential environment for all types of individuals, it really comes down to three ideas.

Firstly, a special furniture system that utilizes accessories and parts of IKEA’s furniture (aka ‘IKEA Hack’) is brought.
Having a supply of IKEA, means a sustainable providence of diversified styling and customizing services fitting every needs of each individual’s life.

Secondly, an open-end vanity that is exposed to both bathroom and living room,
therefore breaks the boundary between two different spaces and provides a multi-functionality.

Lastly, a rental service that allows the tenants to rent IKEA and other furniture including the Joongho Choi Studio.
Tenants are therefore given an opportunity to rent and manage furniture in their own preferred styles or function during their stay at the Episode.

B1 Community Design Plan

Main Coffee & Bar

Exploded Structural Detail

Image Wall & Bench

Image Walll Graphic  Variation


Stage & Lounge


The Episode lounge design is all about versatility and flexibility.
The design journey began by examining what could be the most efficient environment for a communication where people can share their lives
and to make both of residents and non-residents interacting each other actively. This came down to three results.


‘Space of Interaction’

The lounge features a large open space with minimized wall fixtures allowing versatile functions.
From a cafe & bar, kitchen for residents, a small studio for artists to a stage for performers and lecturers,
people are able to create a community through variety of interactions.

‘Space that transforms

There are two elements that allow the lounge to be transformed for different types of functions and/or events.
First, the wall system which follows along one side of the wall offers a chance to transform a mood and function of a space to hold a various community programs by simply replacing graphic elements.Another element is portable furniture series featuring attached casters. These moving furniture allow to shift zonings of different spaces for variety of events which generates active communication and interaction between people.


‘Unexpected Space’

Bringing Street into Lounge.
The idea of merging street and lounge creates a new experience.
The attributes of the street and a public space is similar in some aspects of community space - no one actually owns the space yet is shared by everyone.
Instead of extending a residential mood into the lounge, we’ve combined the ordinality, mundane life with boldness and roughness from the streets to provide a ubiquitous experience.


32, Eonju-ro 126-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea



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