Project / Cafe Interior
Client / Ezer Coffee
Completion of Project / 2016


Ezer coffee is the professional brand for meeting the customers` needs based on the district of Seongsu-Dong,
which is to help various costumers enjoy their life style with a good coffee in the collaboration with the studio of Joongho Choi considering the harmonization between people and space. 
The branch of Ezer coffee of Seongsu-Dong constructed on the first floor for experiencing a beautiful view with a genial sunshine is located in near Seongsu-Dong station within 5 minutes. 
The interior design of Ezer coffee branch to reflect a better lighting is to make the best use of forming natural and bright atmosphere by toning down white color on the stage
and the wall with the texture of a material. 
It is designed into the consideration of a proper utilization under each space between the counter
and the hall for building up a natural atmosphere, consisting of the texture of a stone material, stainless steel and a black pillar of H beam. 
The studio of Joongho Choi considering what a natural interior to be convenient for the customers is tried to foam Ezer coffee shop with a good texture of a material,
which is available to harmonize the coffee with the space.



ezer sketch02.jpg
ezer sketch01.jpg


The plan to design a plane interior with suggesting proper furniture on each space in the coffee shop is considered
on reflection of various concepts under different utilization of what the customers` preference is for the place of conversation,
the place of being convenient naturally, and for the place of taking a rest temporary. 
In addition, the consideration of costumers` needs is to make full use of the space with the partition of glass for screening an inappropriate outward,
such as functional service station and the back gate exposed on complex path of flow, which is available for the customer to help unconsciously feel comfortable in the coffee shop. 
One of the most important factors to design Ezer coffee shop is considered on the arrangement of interior design based on the consideration of the path of flow,
of the sofa placed on the area with a good lightning and of the wood bench with the wood table for designing a cozy place, for example, for foaming a comfortable space,
the partition of colorful glass is used to seem to overlap same materials between the path of flow to the back gate and the area of counter. 





Chairs placed on the coffee shop are composed of the series of Kovy produced by the studio of Joongho Choi.





The primary consideration to utilize a proper space is reflected on how to reasonably demonstrate the product`s
character with specialization for matching the product and the imagination of space. 
The studio of Joongho Choi intended to establish the image of Ezer`s own brand by the utilization
of a sudden space with arranging packages of various coffee beans for the recognition of
distinctive taste compared with other coffee brands` interior design.





The intention of painting white color on the part of wall under the plan the studio of Joongho Choi i
to present for using a graphic design by a beam projector to express what the brand concept of Ezer is.





out side view of ezer