Project / Glass Film Installation
Client / 3M
Completion of Project / 2017
Collaborated with Seungyoub Oh ( 3M Designer )


JOONGHO CHOI STUDIO introduced an installation of 2017 new products, 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Films.
The new 3M™ FASARA™ 2017 Glass Films allow you to stylishly tailor the amount of privacy space possesses with strong functionality, its own sensitivities, and refined patterns in detail. 
Our studio suggested new possibilities of the Glass Films, whose motive derives from “A Forest”. 


the forest 06.jpg


The new 3M™ FASARA™ 2017 Glass Films have 31 collections with different patterns.



the forest 19.jpg

By overlapping each film, we have created new patterns with a distinctive sense of depth and perspective. 
As we experienced it features a variety of patterns with multiple levels of light transmission and from shadows, we had a deep feeling for beauty in its own uniqueness. 



the forest 07.jpg

Those effects we have experienced reminded us of “A Forest”.



the forest 05.jpg


A forest creates splendid patterns as trees and leaves are naturally overlapped.
It creates beautiful effects with natural light and shadows through trees and leaves.  
Those features are the main concept that we would like to present in this project.



the forest 09.jpg


The work in progress to add to an impression the features that a forest has. 



the forest 04.jpg


The final installation work site of the 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Films in Horim Art Center, Seoul.



the forest 10.jpg
the forest 12.jpg
the forest 11.jpg
the forest 14.jpg
the forest 15.jpg
the forest 18.jpg


Designer Joongho Choi introduces the concept of the installation work to the audiences in Horim Art Center, Seoul.