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Project / Gisele Chair
Produced by Joongho Choi
Completion of Project / 2017


We designed the chair with a motif of graceful and beautiful movement like that seen in a ballet. 
Various types of chairs, such as dining chairs, lounge chairs, two-person sofas, and bar chairs, reminiscent of the various movements of the ballet. 
At the same time, the reminiscence of shapes solves the structural coupling of the chair.
The GISELE is made of two pieces: arc-shaped fabric and an iron frame that surrounds the body.
It’s a chair which has options in appropriate colors and finishing in regard to the various space atmospheres and its functions.


Designed by JOONGHOCHOI - Together with Taeno Yoon



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front, side, perspective view of Gisele Chair


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gisele 06.jpg

A description of the GISELE chair, in the French bistro restaurant, CHANOU, in Seoul, Korea

gisele 07.jpg

A description of the GISELE chair, in the Italian restaurant, Faye and Summer, in Seoul, Korea