kovy new 08.jpg


Project / Kovy Chair
Produced by Joongho Choi
Completion of Project / 2016
Photogrphy by Nod Lab


kovy 03 is the new version of the one that was originally designed in 2014 project. 
Its original features, the lines created by crossing metal frames that supports back and seat, remains while adding detachable cushion materials.
The carious combinations can be created with metal finishes and cushion materials to find the match for the environment and the atmosphere. 
Also this feature provides Kovy03 to be outdoor furniture as well as indoors.



kovy new 03.jpg
kovy new 04.jpg
kovy new 05.jpg


A stable structure and characteristics are created by the combinations of metal frames.



kovy new 07.jpg
kovy new 09.jpg


Love seat size is available. 



kovy new 10.jpg
kovy new 11.jpg


Various atmosphere can be created by combinations between dmaterials and colors. 



kovy new 12.jpg


The materials of back and seat can be changed with its detachable feature.