kovy 01-01.jpg

KOVY 01 / 2014

Project / Kovy Chair
Produced by Joongho Choi
Completion of Project / 2014


Kovy is designed to characterize simplicity and details from metal frames. 
The tin plate at the back support, legs with pipe bending and arm rests are combined beneath the seat. 
This gives firm retention to legs and arm rests and also shows mechanical aesthetics.
Kovy is provided by three types, dining chair, bar chair and stool with two colors.
Its chair intentionally exposes welding marks and the roughness of joints to emphasize the natural characteristics of the material.



kovy 01-02.jpg
kovy 01-03.jpg
kovy 01-04.jpg



The images of a dining chair from various angles. 
Bent pipes are used to each parts to give continuous lines throughout the product.



kovy 01-05.jpg


The back support of the bar chair is removed to decrease the weight and to give better movement. 
The pipe-shaped foot rest at the bottom part can also be used as a link to add more durability. 



kovy 01-06.jpg


The stool shares a design fundamental with the dining chair but armrests and back support are removed.



kovy 01-07.jpg


The image taken at the Battery Park restaurant. Dining chairs, stools and a dining table are presented.



kovy 01-08.jpg



The image taken at the Battery Park restaurant. 
The presentation of the bar display and it fits the industrial atmosphere.