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ROOM / 2018

Project / Home Networking System
Client / GS XI
Completion of Project / 2018


Joongho Choi designed Monosleek for the mobile company Pantech Sky.
The Monosleek uses the Inkling® pen technology that saves drawings and writings made outside the phone’s screen in different types of image files.
The four holes in the front are the sensors that capture the user’s actions with the Inkling pen.

The phone was designed for the Japanese audience, keeping their minimalistic culture in mind.
The smooth curve from the side of the phone to the back surface is made with aluminum, and the three-dimentional volume in the back surface allows for a good grip.


Designed by JOONGHOCHOI - Together with Hyunsoo Choi ans Junho Shin

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Temperature Controller



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Homenet wallpad

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