Project / Footprint, New Versatile Biomaker
Client / 3L Labs
Completion of Project / 2014


Designer Joongho Choi worked with 3LLabs, a footlog data collect and analysis service provider, to create branding solution and to design wireless recharge station products.
Footlogs are the data collected from person’s everyday life such as blood pressure, blood sugar, body temperature, weight and etc. and this product collects and stores these data from insole type activity trackers. 
When the shoes equipped with Footlogger are stationed on recharge cradle,it automatically transfers stored data to the server through wi-fi and the user can browse and analyze them through its own smart phone application. These data also can be used to health and sports activity monitors and medical devices.




Footlogger - Footprint log sensor

Continuous log of 8 pressure sensors in high frequency (20Hz~500Hz)
Instant pressure measurement with time stam.




Shoestation - Wireless charging(50mm) / Wireless data transfer ( Bluetooth - Wi-Fi Gateway )

Shoestation is the device that enables recharge and data transfer function from Footlogger. This product provides wireless recharging technology in order to offer conveniences.
When shoes are stationed, there is a holder to the heel side for stability and this can work as a guideline for storing and also prevents the shoes from falling down and not being recharged.




Mini Charger - Wireless charging(50mm) / Wireless data transfer ( Bluetooth - Wi-Fi Gateway )

When ShoeStation is not in presence, Mini Charger is an alternative way to recharge Footlogger.
Simply put Mini Charger into the shoe will enable recharging function.




How to use

01 Wearing the shoe equipped with Footlogger.
02 When returning home, put the shoes on recharging station.
03 A moment later, analyzed data will be transferred to the application.





Physicial Sketch





Footlogger Package