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Project / Jewelry Shop
Client / Noonee Jewelry
Completion of Project / 2017
Indoor Gardening : Heras Garden
Construction : Wycoff
Photogrphy by Nod Lab


NOONEE JEWELRY is a jewelry design brand that is inspired by a texture of nature and created with such a delicate design.
Our studio worked on the interior design as we got inspired by NOONEE JEWERLY’s brand philosophy pursuing a balance between practicality
and individuality, artwork and popularity, and tradition and modernity.



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The interior was simply designed based on a beige color tone with natural and processed materials. 
The jewelry showcases give you a different perspective on each sculpture through paths and arrangements.
The showcases are combined with overlapping lines, surfaces, and figures corresponding to size and proportion to express a sense of rhythm.
The natural materials such as metal, wood, and marble are applied in various ways in order to match with NOONEE JEWELRY’s products which are Inspired by nature in the raw.



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One of the showcase’s fine features is simply linked with various materials.
They play a role as an object that sets positions and paths as added details to abundant materials in the space. 



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The exterior is designed with stain glasses and translucent pattern glasses on an arch-formed window.
The entrance and outside gardening space are well-coordinated.