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Project / Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Personal Work
Completion of Project / 2017


OD isa wireless earphonewith Bluetooth functionality.
OD is designed to be able to wire each piece with a string to prevent users from losingthe earphones when removed from ears.
A hook-and-ring set structure is applied which can also be usually seen as a fashion accessories, which breaks from the general image of electronic goods.
The design is compatible with the users’ fashion.
In addition, the circular serration patterns and rings are reminiscent of the image of earringswhen worn on the ears.



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ODbears the appearance of an earring.
The ring can be adjusted at fixed angles.



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It is safe to use the earphones by linking each piece with a hooked string when doing in-door and out-door activities. 



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OD is designed with various colors and materials to add to the flexibility of incorporating it as a fashion accessory.



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OD can be safely attached to a charger and external battery by using D-shape ring.