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Project / Bidet
Client / American Standard
Completion of Project / 2015


American Standard, a lavatory product company, and designer Choi presented a bidet project - PLAT. 
The project started out from thinking how the bidet can be presented as a natural component in a sanitary space. 
During the research, designer Choi approached bidet from various perspectives and found a consumer research that shows consumers feel unsanitary touching the toilet seat to open the cover. 
This inspired him to design PLAT as an objet that exists on a clean plane; consumers can open the cover without feeling unpleasant by avoiding touching the toilet seat.
Designer Choi thought of bidet as a seating object, an object that blends in a clean and refined place, and an object that induces unconscious use to consumers.
To present PLAT as a simple architecture, designer Choi minimized the structural hinges and parting lines and comprised the product with simple lines and planes.
Reinterpreting the bathroom space, bidet PLAT is no longer a product placed in a sanitary space but blends into a space as a clean and refined objet.


Designed by JOONGHOCHOI - Together with Hyunsoo Choi

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Front view and Side view

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The space generated by tapered edge provides a natural affordance for opening the cover.

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Since the PLAT controller is magnetically joined with PLAT, users can easily detach and re-attach the controller.

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