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Project / Vietnam Restaurant
Client / Quynh
Completion of Project / 2018
Indoor Gardening : Style Jieum
Construction / Wycoff
Photo / Nodlab


Design Team / Joongho Choi, Miran Jeong


Quynh is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Itaewon, Seoul. Joongho Choi Studio has reinterpreted rough and natural space of Vietnam by using materials and colours.
A combination of mint color patterns, gray and yellow color fabrics with natural and rough finishes and the Shell Chair of Joongho Choi Studio
shows the fusion of various expressions in space from metallic type to the rattan version.

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quynh painting.jpg


10 Drawing

quynh 05.jpg
quynh 06.jpg


Although the space does not have a large space, the view shows a new interior image.
This view centered on the logo so that the brand images can be seen at a glance



quynh 09.jpg


It’s a concept sketch of Quynh



quynh 10.jpg
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quynh 12.jpg
quynh signage.jpg