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TDS 4.0 / 2018

Project / Home Networking System
Client / GS XI
Completion of Project / 2018


TDS 4.0 is the name for all the product lines that control and manage the whole space situation, including home network displays, temperature controllers, switches and sockets for GS XI home.
Joongho Choi Studio wanted to present a design that can meet the value of GS XI's pursuit of the TDS 4.0 product line that applies to homes from 2018.

We focused on the spatial chaaracteristic of TDS 4.0. The basic structure of the space consists of vertical and horizontal frames, and the linear elements in the plane form the division of space.
TDS4.0 maximizes the user's ability to recognize the function efficiently by designing the shape of the space through the design process of arranging the functional elements of the product through
such spatial characteristics vertical, horizontal and overlapping surfaces.


Design Team / Joongho Choi, Hyunsoo Choi, Junho Shin

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Temperature Controller



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Homenet wallpad

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